Useful Visualization of Prime & Composite Numbers on

This has been a good week for finding resources on the internet

for teaching maths. On Monday the Google Doodle celebrating

the birthday of John Venn featured an interactive animation which

I thought would be very useful to introduce students to

Venn Diagrams and specifically to

illustrate the intersection of two sets.

You can see that here.

Today on the @WeAreTeachers twitter feed I came across

the visually arresting Animated numbers on 

which one could use to help students visualize 

prime and composite numbers.


These patterns are quite mesmerizing and demonstrate

the beauty of maths. I would use it to help students learn

about factors and to understand the difference between

prime and composite number.  


I might also use it occasionally as a ‘drill’ where the student

would call out ‘prime’ or ‘composite’ so as to become familiar

with these words themselves.


I would also be interested in their hypnotic or soporific effects 😉

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