Guest Post: A Dad’s Poem



The sun swings like a golf ball

High into the sky; and drops light down

Over the school.


The grown ups and little ones scurry

About as if powered by the ESB

Meals crinkled into tuck boxes

Breakfast rammed down. Milk spilled.


The little ones power ahead

Parents shouting ‘stop’ near edge

The black tar!!


Round the corner like

Something familiar on a dark night

School looms large

The little ones have reached their quest

The teacher leads like the

hunts woman.


Bugle sounds; tally ho; hey go

And the stair is charged.

They arrive; bags down

Lessons learnt; play yard



Food found. Chat swirls

Around. Byes complete

The day; the little ones

Unwind themselves to

Home, like a spool of string

Ending in stop; now relax

Into a ball!!

by A.K

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