Update: Our Local Hero: Simon Fitzmaurice

My Name is Emily

Simon is a Dad in our school.

He wrote a wonderful script

for our Christmas pageant.


Five years ago Simon started

to write a movie.

It is called ‘My Name is Emily’.


He began writing it with a pen

or typing on a keyboard.


Because he has motor neuron disease

he finished it using

a special “eye gaze” computer

that allows him to type

by looking at letters on a screen.


In November 2013

we wrote about how he was

fundraising to make a movie.

You can read more

of his inspiring story here.


Since then Simon has written

a book called:

‘It’s Not Yet Dark’.

He has been on TV and on

the radio and in the newspapers.


All going according to plan

he begins making his movie

‘My Name Is Emily’

in August 2014.


Here in Greystones

he is our Local Hero.


6 thoughts on “Update: Our Local Hero: Simon Fitzmaurice

  1. I am inspired by Simon’s story. Writing a movie, creating a script for the Christmas pageant, publishing a book, are huge projects, and yet he went forward with a motor neuron disease to accomplish each of them. Your school is blessed to have such a ‘dad’ in your community. It is also great that a student such as yourself has made an effort to tweet about this hero. I hope the production of the movie goes well, and you can blog about the movie release when it is completed!
    Thank you for all the links to read more about this amazing story!

  2. That is honestly truly amazing and quite inspiring! I’d be interested to know what that movie is going to be about!

  3. Thank you for sharing Simon’s inspiring story! It is a great reminder to set goals for ourselves and overcome obstacles that get in our way. He is truly an amazing person!

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    I’m so glad you commented because it shows how this story is so inspirational.

    I understand that ‘My Name is Emily’ is about a teenage girl, who sets off with a friend to look for her father.

    Lisa Gabrielle, you can read more about the film here at this link: http://www.mynameisemilythefilm.com/#!about/c229m

    I agree S Pawluk, that we are lucky to have such an inspirational person living in our community. As you say Sarah, it is a reminder to be the best we possibly can, ourselves.

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

  5. This story is inspiring. Sound like he never gave up and keep giving himself goal. The movie sounds amazing I would love to see it when it has been released. Simon is truly amazing and inspiring.
    Kind regards
    Isabelle,auroa school

  6. Thanks for your kind comments Isabelle. I agree with all that you say. It does sound like it is going to be a wonderful film. I am looking forward to seeing it too.

    All is looking well on your blog Izzy’s Incredible iBlog. I love title=”welcome on your blog, your ‘mihi'”>http://isabellecauroa.blogspot.co.nz/2014/07/my-mihi.html We had been unfamiliar with the New Zealand Mihi before visiting Mr. Webb’s blog in his Melville School where he worked before Aurora. I think a ‘mihi’ is very unique and special. At the time it inspired us to try and write an Irish ‘mihi’in class. It was fun and it made us think. It helped us get a better ‘sense of place’. Everytime we visit your blog we learn something new about New Zealand.

    We have been on our summer holidays now for about three weeks and we have five weeks before we return to school. I think you are returning from winter holidays around this time and perhaps the break you had was a little shorter. On 1st September we will be moving up a year and going to a new class. I believe you do this in January. Which may indeed make a lot more sense 😉

    Thank you for getting in touch again,

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

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