‘I would like to learn to code’ – Some useful websites

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This summer I would like to learn to code

with a view to teaching it in class next year.

I know many students are interested

in coding too.


Here are four websites I think may be useful.

1. Code Monster gives children an introduction to

Javascript programming:

Code Monster from Crunchzilla.com


2. Scratch is a programming language 

created specially for 8-to-16-year-olds.

I like the look of Scratch as it is very visual

and so may suit visual learners.

It made up of bricks that you drag

to the workspace in order to animate sprites.


3. Scratch was built to program, however

you might like to try Tynker 

which was designed to teach programming

through a series of lessons.

Edited to add: you would have to pay

to use Tynker.


4. Then there is Codeacademy.

It offers free coding classes in Javascript

and a number of other programming languages.

It is a friendly website

which has sent me encouraging emails

ever since I joined.


I hope you find this list useful.

If you have any advice for those

of us setting out to learn how to code,

please leave a comment.


Update: How did I get on?

Well you can see how far

I had got in a fortnight here. 

More updates to follow 🙂


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  1. Is breá liom do bhlag! Iontach ar fad agus an-chabhrach! Beimid i dteagmháil i MF.
    slán, Múinteoir Niamh,www.rangniamh.edublogs.org

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