One of the best things about blogging: Interesting things we learn

Seated, six feet off the ground.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: David via Compfight

When we blog we learn interesting things

about people and places all over the world.

We learned that New Zealand is ahead of us.

When it is Sunday evening here,

the students are back in school for Monday.


We learned when it is Winter in Ireland,

it is Summer in Australia.


Did you know that students in New Zealand

do not wear shoes in class.

This wonderful video is how we found out.

We also see how hard they work.


Thank you to Mr. Spice and his students in

Room Three, Aurora School,

Taranaki, New Zealand.

Have a look here.

It is amazing 🙂


If you want to know more about

students going barefoot in school

Izzy, Emily and Gemma

from Mr. Webb’s Room One

Aurora School made a short film

about it. You can see it here.

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