Seaside Scavenger Hunt


Sea of love.

This Scavenger Hunt was written especially for

Greystones South Beach.


We will choose only the things that we can collect

and return safely and without damage.


1. A small black pebble

2. A feather

3. A pebble with a hole in it

4. A mermaid’s purse

(dog fish egg case or whelk egg case)

5. A limpet (or part of)

6. A mussel (or part of)

7. A whelk (or part of)

8. Something beautiful

9. Some sea lettuce

10. A sea belt

11. Some bladder wrack

12. Something that makes a noise

13. A small white pebble

14. A pink flower

15. Something soft

16. A yellow flower

17. Something important in nature

(Everything in nature is important!)

18. A small grey pebble

19. Any part of a crab

20. Something that reminds you of yourself

21. A white flower

22. A sun trap (This is anything that captures the sun’s heat)

23. More than 100 of something!

24. Something that the sea has changed

25. A creature’s home (make sure it is empty).

26. Something round

27. A big smile


At the end we will leave what we have found on the beach.

We will:

‘Leave only footprints.

Take only memories’.

2 thoughts on “Seaside Scavenger Hunt

  1. More than a hundred of something? Grain of sands? I am not sure that there would be one hundred of anything at any beach would there?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. Yes indeed it will be grains of sand 😉 The nature of Greystones South Beach is that there isn’t a great deal to be found on it: very little in the way of shells etc., so we had to be inventive.

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