A Visitor from Tasmania; So this is how the visit went!

We had a visitor to our school.

Ms. Wyatt had travelled from Hobart in Tasmania.
According to our research,

this is a distance of 11,023 miles

or even more kilometres; 17739.7989
She told us all about Australia and we sang for her.

We also taught her some Irish.
Ms.Wyatt was a quick learner.
Then we went for a walk to see ‘The Greystones Bear’.
‘The Greystones Bear’ has had lots of visitors.
But we think Ms.Wyatt must have come from furthest away.
No visit to Greystones would be complete

without calling into the best sweetshop in Ireland

and the wonderful Mrs. Mooney.
We hope Ms. Wyatt enjoyed her visit as much as we did.  

You can read what Davo the Tasmanian Devil

thought of his visit to Greystones here.

He and Ms. Wyatt also went to visit

our good friends in St. Peter’s, Bray.

We thought it was a happy and successful visit

and we hope Ms.Wyatt agrees.

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