@tasteach; Blogging Buddies: A Visitor from Tasmania

Sentinel Range - Tasmania
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On Wednesday we are having a visitor to the school.

Her name is Sue Wyatt and she is visiting Ireland from Tasmania.

She is a very busy and dedicated,

former teacher from Hobart in Tasmania.


In 2011 she visited schools in USA and Canada.

She travelled 10,000 miles in three months.

She is visiting some schools in Ireland while she is here.


Miss Wyatt is a special visitor and is very welcome.

She has been a very good friend to St. Brigid’s.

We first met her in March 2012

when the students working on the class blog,

‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’ took part

in the international Student Blogging Challenge.


Miss Wyatt runs this blogging challenge biannually.

It gives the opportunity to individual students

and classes who blog, to learn new blogging skills

and to develop their blog in a systematic way.


Through the well designed weekly challenges 

students make contact with other students

and schools all over the globe.

Miss Wyatt was very encouraging to us at that time

and we learned a great deal.

Click HERE to see one of the challenges we did.


Earlier in this school year,

(along with Ms. Brennan

and Ms. Sexton, from St. Peter’s, Bray),

Ms Wyatt nominated us for an Edublogs Award. 

(Ms. Wyatt will be visiting St. Peter’s too.)


We were very proud of this nomination.

A good ‘blogging buddy’ of ours from

Taranaki in New Zealand,

Mr Webb said that being in this competition

meant that we were

‘up against the very best educators

and class pages around the world’.


When Ms. Wyatt comes we would like to hear

all about her visit to Ireland.

We will ask her about Tasmania.


If the weather is fine,

we hope to have our photograph taken with

‘The Greystones Bear’.


Ms.Wyatt has travelled about 10,000 miles to get here.

We reckon she will be the longest travelled visitor

to meet our lovely ‘Greystones Bear’ to date.


We will also go to Mrs. Mooney’s.

Mrs. Mooney owns a wonderful sweetshop

and she has featured in our blog.


It is good to have something to look forward to.

It is lovely to have visitors.

We are looking forward to meeting Ms. Wyatt this week.

2 thoughts on “@tasteach; Blogging Buddies: A Visitor from Tasmania

  1. Yes you were up against the very best blogs in the world and I expect you to be make the finals again this year. The fact that you have such a special visitor who has decided to come to your school from such a long way away is a very, very special thing that should be rightly celebrated! Great to see post and can’t wait to see about the visit.
    Mr Webb, Happy not to be referred to as old Mr Webb, Auroa, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. Dear Mr Webb, Thank you for your kind comment.
    We called you an ‘old friend’ 🙂 rather than just old 😉
    We think we know you for about three years now
    when our blog was new.

    We are really happy to meet Ms.Wyatt because she has been
    so helpful and taught us a lot about blogging.

    If you ever visited Ireland you would be very welcome to
    come and see us here in school.

    We think you would find the similarities and the differences
    very interesting.

    With every good wish

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