Learning about other countries; Tell us about the country you are from!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: elycefeliz via Compfight

We talked today about the questions

we would like to ask our visitor

from Tasmania about her home country.

These are the questions we would like to ask:

Where is it?

Which continent?

Where on the globe?

Who are the neighbours?

(to the North, South, East and West)

How many times would Ireland fit into this country?

How many people live there?

What is the flag like?

What language is spoken there?

What kind of country is it?

What are the important rivers,



What is the weather like?

What is the plant and animal life like?

What is the capital city?

What else is this country famous for ?

Does it have famous people?




What is the best thing about your home country?

We are looking forward to asking our visitor these questions.

What is the best thing about the country you come from?

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