Hello to the boys and girls in Room 8 @ Aurora (South Taranaki, New Zealand)

Recently we visited a lovely blog

recommended to us by our ‘old’ friend 😉

Mr. Webb from Aurora School, in New Zealand.

This blog is Room 8 @ Aurora.

Room 8 is a 0-2 Class. In Ireland we would say

a Junior and Senior Infants class.

Like ourselves the school is not far from the beach.

Their school is surrounded by farmland.

Why not visit their blog!

Call in and say hello! You can find it here.

Ms Nicholas's Blog

We left a comment on this blog

and their teacher Ms.Nicholas kindly replied:
From Ms Nicholas

So hello to the children in Room 8, Aurora.

It is nice to meet you.

Let us tell you a little bit about our school.

The teachers are kind and fair and the students are friendly.

You can see our school here:

There are lots of good things about Greystones,

the town where we live too.

It is beside the sea.

There are lots of things to do for children.


You would like living in Greystones if you like

football, rugby, tennis, karate, running,

cycling, swimming and skateboarding.


You would also like to live in Greystones

if you were interested in music, drama or reading.

There is a very good library in Greystones.



Bye for now.

We hope you have a good week in school.

We will visit again, soon.

3 thoughts on “Hello to the boys and girls in Room 8 @ Aurora (South Taranaki, New Zealand)

  1. Apologies for commenting again, but thank you so much for your fantastic post about Room Eight and the students from our part of the world. They are only a junior class of students but already they have been doing a fantastic amount of work overseas and I am sure the students will be very excited to see this post, their teacher was rather pleased when I got to show her this afternoon so that was nice. I have to ask one question! How come in the slide show when it says Student Council it has ‘2012’ in it?
    Old Mr Webb, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand. mrwebbauroa.blogspot.com

  2. Hello Mr Webb,

    Thank you for your message. We laughed when we saw that you called yourself ‘Old Webb’ 😀
    We always really appreciated the encouragement we got from you and your class when we were starting off, and your continuing encouragement, so we were delighted to get visit Ms.Nicholas and Room 8’s blog.

    We noticed that Room 8 is a really young class, so we found a slideshow we made before, that we thought children as young as five would be more interested in and so they can compare their class to the ‘infant classes’ here. There are cuddly toys and Infant Classes in that one. That is why the Student Council poster says 2012.

    That was a eye catching poster and making it was very labour intensive as the students used stencils and cut out each letter individually, so you will see, it is still in the photo taken on Friday at the bottom of the post, that poster is still hanging there. The difference is we recycled it by removing the 2012 😉

    Wouldn’t it be funny if students thought that in addition to being 13 hours ahead of us in New Zealand, you were also two years! We have removed the photo from the slideshow so it doesn’t cause any more confusion.

    We think it is interesting that what we call ‘Junior and Senior Infants’ in Ireland is called Years 0-2 in New Zealand. This means that though both in Ireland and New Zealand students seem to leave primary school after eight years, in Ireland students leave after 6th Class. We like the sound of Year 8, because of course, it sounds more grown up.

    Also some of the more grown up Junior and Senior Infants are not fond of being called infants. When teacher was at school these classes were often called Low Babies and High Babies!

    We are also really enjoying Room 8’s photo project.
    There are lots of great photos there including children standing in a whale skeleton’s mouth and children having great fun with mud. We all agreed we loved making mud pies when we were younger.
    They are a great inspiration for writing certainly,

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau and Students

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I am Miss Nicholas From Room 8 at Auroa School in NZ.
    I was so happy to see your post about our class blog! What a fantastic slide show, your school looks like a beautiful place. We also have a mountain we can see from our school, and we can see the sea in the distance. Your infant rooms look very colourful and exciting.
    Tomorrow I will show Room 8 your post, and we will find Ireland on a world map. We’ll talk about what looks different and what looks the same between our schools. We’ll do a blog post about it when we’re done!
    Many thanks for your hard work,
    Miss Nicholas
    Room 8, Auroa, NZ

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