Bake Sale in St. Brigid’s, Greystones for ‘The Caroline Foundation’ and ‘The Simon Community’.

Some sixth class students organised a Bake Sale

to raise money for ‘The Caroline Foundation’

and  ‘The Simon Community’.

Well done to Heather, Kieran, Emma, Sean and Jennifer

and all who helped. 

It is great to see the big hearts, generosity

and organizational skills of students.

5 thoughts on “Bake Sale in St. Brigid’s, Greystones for ‘The Caroline Foundation’ and ‘The Simon Community’.

  1. What a fantastic idea. Really loved to see all the different cakes and items. My favourite HAD to be the Minecraft Cake, how much did that go for? Did it remain as a single cake or was it sold bit by bit?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. Thanks Mr. Webb. We were very proud of our students who organised the bake sale so well. We were also very happy to see that the thought they gave to charity. The Minecraft Cake did cause a bit of a stir. It was cut up but we have the photos to remind us how magnificient it was. It must have taken ages to create. We thought if we were to do this again, it might be a good idea to raffle such a cake. Thanks again for your kind comments.

  3. Aha, well thanks for that, yes I think that it would have caused a stir anywhere and if anyone from this end sees it I am sure that it would provoke a strong reaction.

  4. I loved reading your post and what a fabulous job you did. The animoto was a great tool for showing your story. Looking at your blog, I felt my class and yours had much in common.

    You are welcome to visit at

    Mrs Yore and the MiddleMatters

  5. Thank you Mrs. Yore, We would love to visit your blog. We like the sound of having things in common. We will visit tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Travel broadens the mind 😉
    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

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