Making Connections for St. Patrick’s Day

We sent St. Patrick’s Day Greetings near…

to blogging friends in St. Peter’s Bray:


and far ….

all the way to Auroa School, in New Zealand


Click on this link to see what

Room One, Auroa School in New Zealand

had to say about the bits and bobs we sent them.


Below is Larry the Leprechaun in

St. Peter’s in Bray.


Why not leave a message for our blogging buddies

in Bray and New Zealand.

They are a friendly bunch and we know

they would LOVE to hear from you.

BeFunky_St Peter's Tweet.jpg

Larry the Leprechaun certainly

got around in the past week or so!


10 thoughts on “Making Connections for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. So thrilled that we were able to be part of this and such a positive experience for our students. We didn’t have a huge knowledge about Ireland but this has lit a fire with our students, some of whom have Irish ancestry and they are loving the experience. Thank you so much for this great collaboration.
    Mr Webb and the students of Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. Hi my name is Will.
    I like Ireland but have never been. My favorite rugby team is Ireland. I was very sad that they got beaten by Wales.

    How many people in your class are soccer fans I love soccer but I don’t know any Ireland teams.
    Could you please tell me some?

    In Ireland do you have any traditional dishes? We have fish and chips, pavlova. Funny thing is our next door neighbours the Aussies think they they made it.
    You can view my blog at
    Will Auroa school New Zealand

  3. Hello,
    My name is Tahana. I am a student from Mr Webb’s class in New Zealand.

    I just wanted to say that our class is so thankful for the package that we received from you guys.

    We have hung some of the things that you gave us up on the wall.

    And Larry the Leprechaun has had a little tour of the school.

    On our blog it shows him pinned up around the school he really fits in!

    And we heard a little bit of the St Patrick’s story.

    And WOW he really drove all the snakes out of your country that would be awesome to have a hero for your own country.

    And I liked the picture that you sent to us of Saint Patrick.

    I also heard that your school mascot is a bee. Thats also cool.

    Happy St Patricks Day for the 17th of March.

    Okay now I have a few questions for you.

    Do you have any traditional dishes?

    Do you have any other popular sports.

    And what technology do you use?

    Tahana y @ Auroa school Taranaki New Zealand you can visit my blog on

  4. Hi there Tahana, What a GREAT comment. It was so interesting and you had so much to say. Your personality really came across in your message. We feel like we know you now. We are glad that you liked the package we sent.

    We loved to see the things we sent you on the slideshow. We especially loved to see Larry the Leprechaun on his tour of the school. You are right, it really does look like he fits in. We especially liked the photo where it looks like Larry and Piri are talking.

    We are glad that you heard the story of St.Patrick. When it says he drove the snakes out of Ireland, it is probably that he drove the ‘snakes’ or bad people out of Ireland, because he was a good man. Mind you he looks fierce and cross in the picture we sent you. He looks powerful too.

    We probably have no snake for reasons of geography. We are an island, cut off from Europe. Perhaps we became an island before snakes got a chance to visit us.

    We will post for you about traditional dishes and popular sports. Keep an eye out for that post 😉

    In school our technology is limited. We have a laptop, a digital camera and a white board.

    Thanks again for your message,
    With every good wish

  5. Dear Mr Webb, we are glad that your students liked to hear from Ireland and that we reminded some of them about their Irish ancestors. If your Granny is Irish you could play for the Irish rugby team. Our national rugby team is doing quite well at the moment but we could always do with a rugby player from New Zealand, because they are world class.

    Tahana asked about traditional dishes and sport and Will asked us a question about traditional dishes and Irish soccer so we will come up with a post about that. Your collaboration is much enjoyed by our students too,

    With every good wish

  6. Hi Will, Thank you for your great comment.
    Who knows perhaps some day you will travel round the world and stop off in Ireland.
    Our favourite rugby team is the Irish one, but we greatly admire the New Zealand team.
    We think they are truly amazing.
    We love the ‘haka’ and we love to learn how to do it.
    We will write a post about traditional dishes.
    We love fish and chips and pavlova.
    We will visit your blog.
    With every good wish,

  7. Thank you SO much for the wonderful presents we received. We absolutely love them. Our room and corridor is so colourful and we just can’t wait to wear our colours with pride.

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Thank YOU St.Peter’s Bray 😀 We are glad you liked the envelope we sent you. We saw the photographs you put up on Twitter. We loved St. Patrick’s Day. There is a great parade in Greystones and Bray #upwicklow 😉 Many of the boys and girls are walking in the parade. It will be fun and will just about make up for having no school that day 😉

  9. Thank you so much for sending that package over to Auroa. Larry certainly brings the Irish out and spreads a little bit of luck. I also have Irish in my blood so I think its really cool to have some Irish things in our classroom.
    My blog is if you want to go check out all the work I have done. Once again thank you so much for that gift

  10. Thank you Isabelle for visiting our blog. We are glad that you liked the package we sent you. We have visited your blog and left a message there. To have over 2,000 visitors in a little over six weeks blogging is an admirable achievement. Well done.

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