Tracking the Post! Following a letter on its journey from Ireland to New Zealand.


We have sent some St.Patrick’s Day greetings

to our friends in Room One, Aurora School, New Zealand.

In fact the envelope was so large it didn’t fit in the post box above!

So we brought it to the post office.

Now we can track the progress of our package.

We posted this on March 6th.

We can see that it has left Heathrow Airport in London, UK

shortly after midnight on March 7th

and is on its way to New Zealand.



Update: It is the morning of Monday 10th March here. We checked  at 8.30 a.m. and saw that 

the package had already arrived in New Zealand at 2.16 p.m.

on the afternoon of Monday, March 10.


This shows that New Zealand is ahead of Ireland.

We are amazed at how quick it travelled and are very happy

that it will arrive on time for St.Patrick’s Day on 17th March.

Update, 11th March 2014.

We see from the messages we received from Aurora School

that the envelope arrived on the 12th of March in New Zealand!

12 thoughts on “Tracking the Post! Following a letter on its journey from Ireland to New Zealand.

  1. Wow love your blog. Thank you very much for the package. It is so cool how its green and the things in it they made us laugh. Thank you for the package 🙂

  2. WOW I love your blog. Thank you so much for the package. I would love to blog with you some time. 🙂

  3. Hi im Isabelle. Today at school (Wednesday 12th March) we received the package you sent us. It was very lovely. There are students already putting up the streamers and the leprechaun. Thank you a lot for sending that.
    Isabelle, Room1, Taranaki, New Zealand.

    My blog address is

  4. Thanks for the compliment Lucas. We are glad you like our blog. We are happy that you like the green envelope and that the things in the package made you laugh.
    With very good wish,

  5. Hi Isabelle, Imagine it is still Tuesday 11th here as I reply to your message sent on Wednesday 12th. We live in an interesting world where some countries are ahead of us timewise and others are behind. On New Years Eve, we see New Year celebrations and fireworks on the TV, from New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong many hours before it gets dark and we celebrate in Ireland. We are glad you like the leprachaun.
    With every good wish,

  6. Thanks for the package it was really cool .
    By Logan & Max Auroa School Room 1 New Zealand .

  7. Kaiah, Brylee, Meg, Room1, Auroa School, New Zealand.
    Thanks for the awesome package you guys sent us. We thought it was pretty cool. We only just got it today but that’s alright.

  8. Wow nice blog and thanks for the package it made our class giggle. Some of us students are already putting up streamers and the leprechaun. I would like to blog with you sometime 🙂

  9. Thanks Thomas. We are glad we made the class laugh and that you are decorating the classroom. With every good wish.

  10. Hi Kaiah, Brylee and Meg,
    Thank you for your message. We are glad that you thought the package we sent was awesome and cool. We are glad it got to Auroa School before St Patrick’s Day on 17th March. We will have no school that day. Lots of children will march in parades. With every good wish,

  11. Hi Logan and Max, Thank you for your message. We are happy to hear that the package arrived and that you liked it. With every good wish,

  12. Thanks for the compliment Jack. We would love to blog with you too.
    With every good wish

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