@SummerBuzz THANK YOU! You are a Bee in a Million :)

Brigid the Biodiversity Bee got a surprise this week.


A package arrived in school addressed to her.

It was the first time she ever got anything in

the post and she was terribly excited.


It was from a good friend of ours. Her name is

The Summer Buzz Bee.  Brigid is on an mission.

Her mission is to help children learn about


Summer Buzz is on an important mission too.

She encourages children to love books and to read.


The Summer Buzz Bee knows all about Brigid

and knew exactly what she would be interested in.


She sent her a book about how kids can be green.


And a book about an ant and a honey bee.


Summer Buzz says Brigid can leave these books in

the school library when she is finished with them.

Summer Buzz is very kind.

Thank you Summer Buzz.

2 thoughts on “@SummerBuzz THANK YOU! You are a Bee in a Million :)

  1. I’m very pleased that you liked the books. Books are very useful for backing up stuff you learn in the classroom so it’s always a good idea to have as many books as possible. Books are also a great way to help us relax. So read as many books as possible and you will be a chilled out very knowledgeable person.

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