#SNAG From St. Michael’s College, Dublin, George Jordon Dimbo 6th Year singing “Sásta” by Pharrell Williams

Tá Seachtain na Gaeilge 2014 níos mó ná riamh

agus í ar siúl ón 1 – 17 Márta!

In honour of Seachtain na Gaeilge we are posting

a You Tube video from St.Michael’s College, Dublin 

‘George Jordon Dimbo 6th Year singing “Sásta” by Pharrell Williams.

A weekly initiative by the Music Dept. to give a wider platform

for students to show off their musical prowess.’

Cuireann sé an video seo gliondar croí orainn 😀

Go raibh maith agaibh, St. Michael’s

14 thoughts on “#SNAG From St. Michael’s College, Dublin, George Jordon Dimbo 6th Year singing “Sásta” by Pharrell Williams

  1. We love your blog and thank you for the package. That is a great film you have made keep up the good work

  2. Wow!! that was a cool video, really liked your dance moves, and the singer sounded awesome. Also thanks so much for the mail it was so exciting opening it, Thanks again!!

  3. Wow what a great video. I really like it. You have some great dancers and singer in your school.

    Thank you for the mail I couldnt wait to open it
    Gemma, Room 1 Auroa School

  4. Hi Alice, Thanks for your kind message. The video is cool. We shared it. It was made by an all boys secondary school in Dublin called St.Michael’s. This is a week when we celebrate the Irish language, so we thought we would put this video up. We like to see the boys dancing. We are MUCH younger and we are boys and girls. We are so happy that you like the package in the post. It was so big, the lady in the post office looked surprised. We hope it wasn’t too hard to open. We used a lot of sellotape to make sure the package didn’t break up on its long journey to your country.
    With every good wish,

  5. Hi Gemma, we love that video too. We posted it from another school. We are great dancers and singers too, but we are much younger. I’m glad you got our envelope. It will remind you of your blogging friends in Ireland, With every good wish,

  6. Hi Fletcher, Thank you for your kind words about our blog. We are glad you got the package in time for St.Patrick’s Day. The film was made by an older boys’ secondary school, but we thought it was so good that we would put it up on our blog. We love to watch the funny dancing in it and we think the song is very catchy and the singer is very talented. Do you like to sing?
    With every good wish

  7. Wowwww!!!!! thats an awesome video, love those great dance moves and that fantastic singing. Keep up the awesome blogging, and fantastic work.

  8. Hi I like your blog and thank you for the package and I love the film. It is going to be hard to keep up with your blog.

  9. Thanks for the package It was awesome. We got some awesome things. Thank you very very much

  10. Thanks for that Heavenlee. We are glad that you liked the package. It is nice to get things in the post.

  11. Hi Harley, Thank you for your message. We are glad that you like our blog and the package AND the film. The film was made by another school. We are a primary school. The children here are between the ages of four and twelve. St. Michael’s where the video was made is a secondary school. They have students between the ages of twelve and eighteen or nineteen. We liked their video so much we put it up on our blog so other people could see it. I think they would be happy to know that their video was seen, so far away in New Zealand. With every good wish,

  12. Thanks Riley, for your friendly message. The video was made in a different school, but on their You Tube page they said people could share it, if they wanted to, so we did. We love blogging and we love making new blogging buddies,
    With every good wish

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