Green Schools: Biodiversity: Polly explains how we can help Polar Bears

Polly the Polar Bear, has come to visit St. Brigid’s, Greystones all the way from St.Peter’s in Bray. She has come to visit Brigid the Biodiversity Bee and tell her all about Polar Bears and why they are endangered.

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on top of the world
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lori Greig via Compfight

Polly explained that ‘reducing our carbon footprint’ will reduce global warming and that will help the polar bears. We can do this by:

1. Turning off lights, computers, TVs and other electrical equipment when we are not using them.

2. Turning off the water while we’re brushing our teeth.

3. Walking or cycling instead of using the car.

4.  Not wasting paper. Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.

5. Growing your own food.

6. Buying food that is grown locally


Polly said that you can find your carbon footprint

and how to reduce it by using this 

Kids’ Carbon Calculator from Cool The


‘Well,’ said Polly, now you have heard all about Polar Bears and why they are endangered perhaps you can tell me about bees’.

‘Why certainly,’ said Brigid. ‘That’s what we will do tomorrow’. 

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