Green Schools: Biodiversity: Polly explains to Brigid why Polar Bears are Endangered

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St.Peter’s Polar Bear, Polly came to visit Brigid the Biodiversity Bee and St.Brigid’s.

Polly and Brigid had a long chat today.

Polly told Brigid all about Polar Bears

and why they are endangered.

Dreaming of ice and snow and frozen fish
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Polly said: ‘Click on the top tab on this link from Kids National

where it says ‘Video and Sound’

to see some of my Polar Bear cousins’.


Polly said: ‘You can also learn about Polar Bears here:

Polar Bears for Kids – Polar Bears


Brigid was wondering where Polar Bears lived.

Polly explained Polar Bears are found in the wild

in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway.

They are carnivores.

They don’t drink water.

They get the liquids they need from the food they eat.

Did you know Polar Bears are amazing long distance swimmers?

High Five!!
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Polar bear feet act like snowshoes.

polar bear in snow shoes
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Brigid wanted to know why Polar Bears are endangered.

Polly explained that polar Bears are endangered because of global warming.

Polar bears can only survive in places where the oceans freeze.

This is because they hunt the seals  that live on, or under the frozen ice.

Because of global warming the ice isn’t there long enough during the hunting season

for the polar bear to catch enough seals,to have enough food for the year.

They have to ‘fast’ for months.


‘That make me hungry,’ said Polly. ‘Let’s take a break. I’ll tell you more tomorrow’.

‘I know a lovely place in Greystones where you can get

delicious and nutritious locally produced food,’ said Brigid.

So off they went…

The Happy Pear
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: aonghus via Compfight

2 thoughts on “Green Schools: Biodiversity: Polly explains to Brigid why Polar Bears are Endangered

  1. Well Polly has some really interesting facts there. Thanks Polly for all the inormation. I’ve learnt a lot. Will Brigid be teaching Polly about bees?

  2. Thanks Summer Buzz. Brigid will certainly be telling Polly all about bees when she can get a word in edgeways 🙂

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