Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Shannon

In the first week of February,

Shannon wrote some very good stories:

Once upon a time, there lived a fairy,

who lived in a tree.

She was magic and was always happy.

One day the fairy met a little elf.

They went to the forest.

They had a picnic together.

After a month of story writing

her stories were even better:

Octopussy / Haeckel serie (repost)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: retrofuturs Stéphane Massa-Bidal via Compfight

Once upon a time there lived an happy octopus

deep in the bottom of the blue

and she had so much fun under the sea

and swam all day in the sea.

She had to swim all day and loved it so much.


Once upon a time lived a nice king.

He was so happy

for his queen

she was a happy queen

of all the earth


Once upon a time there lived a bunny.

He met another rabbit.

He asked would you go on a date with me.

So they went on a date with each other

and they lived happily ever 


Once upon a time there lived a tiger.

He was not a nice tiger.

He never tried to be nice to anybody,

but one day he became a nice tiger.

Well done Shannon. Keep up the good work.

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