Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Kyle

At the beginning of the month

Kyle was writing good stories:

Once upon a time, there lived a teddy

who was talking,

who lived in a toy box.

He was hyper and was always helpful.

One day this teddy met a penguin.

They went to the North Pole.

They had a happy time.

Little Miss Sunshine
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ilse via Compfight

He worked hard all month and now is writing great stories.

Once upon a time there lived Miss Sunshine.

She was stacking boxes on her shelves.

Just then a robber stole all the shelves.

So she called the police

but when the police got there

the police couldn’t see anything.

Then Miss Sunshine saw burglars.

Speaking of that…

some other things were missing.

As well Mr Happy’s pet was gone

and Miss Scary’s bed was gone

and they called the police,

the fire brigade

and the rescue helicopter 

and they did it.


Once upon a time Mr Mo went to get a job.

He tried a fireman,

bus driver,



but they were no use,

so he went back home

and that was Nonsense Land

to ask Mr Silly.  

‘Be a garden,’ said Mr Silly.

So he had flowers on his shoulder

and blue bells on his head

and banana flowers of his nose.

Who ever heard of banana flowers?

They’re in Nonsense Land

and you can eat them.


Once upon a time there lived some bread

that was being sliced.

Mr Tickle and Miss Magic they didnn’t need a knife.

Miss Magic wayed her magic wand …

and presto it was sliced

but the magic went right down the stairs

and out the door.

It sliced jam on Mr Small but he didn’t mind

he was red all ready.

Then it spread.

Mr Happy had butter on his head.

Mr Strong had egg on his eggs.

If even dropped a toaster on Mr Jelly’s house

and did you know Mr Tickle

and Little Miss Magic didn’t know

but they didn’t not know that for long

because finally the magic

sliced an egg on Mr Tickle’s arms.


Once upon a time there lived Mr Skinny.

One day someone was knocking at his door.

He opened the door…

and there stood two loaves of bread.

They had eyes,

a nose,

and even mouth.

They walked straight in

but Mr Skinny’s wasn’t a house,

he was in a hotel

so if the bread walked in

then it will be a disaster.

Mr Greedy gobbled them up.

Well done Kyle. Keep up the good work. 

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