Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Beth

At the beginning of this month

Beth was writing good stories:

Once upon a time there lived a nice king and queen.

They were called Anna and Jack.

They lived in the forest where the grass was long.

There were butterflies.

There lived an elf, who lived in a castle.

He was crazy and was always rushing and forgetting things.

By the end of the month her story writing was even better:

Red fox pup ( wild )
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric Bégin via Compfight

Once upon a time there lived a clever fox,

who lived in a den in the snow.

The mother fox had a baby girl.

It was gorgeous.

The Mom married a Dad Fox.

They went out for dinner.


Once upon a time there lived a red deer,

who lived on a hillside.

He met a reindeer.

He was delivering the presents with Santa.

One girl got a gingerbread house with a teddy inside.

She was amazed.

Her Mom and her Dad they thought it was very good.

She played and played with it.


Once upon a time there lived a quiet King.

He married the selfish queen.

They had a big party.

Everyone went to the party.

There was

a bossy giant,

a busy goblin,

a funny unicorn,

a bouncy alien,

a cool spaceman,

a sleeping starfish

and a friendly octopus.

There was lovely food.

Then they went home

and went to bed.

2 thoughts on “Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Beth

  1. Dear Merry Beau and Class,
    Thanks for commenting! Also, thanks for explaining rugby to me. I understand it now. A popular sport here in America is American Football. It is a game where there are an even amount of people on a 2 teams and you have to try and get touchdowns by throwing the ball to each other and not getting tackled. I think the touchdown zones are 100 ft. away from each other so you have to be fast, a good thrower and a good catcher. Also there are field goals where every once and a while you kick into to earn a point. The touchdown is worth 7 points. I guess it’s kind of like rugby! I like the poems that you made in this story. i wish that you added another picture. i wonder what inspired you to write this. How many people are in your classroom? What is Ireland like? I it usually warm, cold or in between? Are there any famous things to see? Please come back and visit my blog again at

  2. Hello again Maggie, What a good quality comment! Well done. That is a great explanation of American Football. Yes, I have heard it is similar to rugby.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the poems. Sometimes we find, finding just the right picture from Compfight, is the really slow part of an assignment. That is why we don’t have any more pictures. But you are right. It could probably do with another graphic.

    There are 30 students in the class. We will send you some links to tell you what Ireland is like. Our climate is called temperate…that means it is not too hot and not too cold. As you say, it is inbetween.

    We will send you a link about famous things to see too.

    With every good wish,

    Merry Beau and Class.

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