Story Writing from Senior Infants: Well Done Lauren

Lauren wrote a good story in the first week of February:

Once upon a time, there lived a happy dog,

who lived in a kennel, with his Mammy.

He was happy and was always playing.

He had a friend who was a laughing cat.

They went to a party together. They had fun.

She practised her story writing all month 

and her story writing got better and better:

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Christopher Paquette via Compfight

Once upon a time there was a magic swan.

She was called Elizabeth.

She lived in a big pond,

with her Mummy and her Daddy

and her baby sister Emily

and her big sister Eliza.

One day Elizabeth and her Mum

and Emily and Elisa went to Zoom.

(Zoom is a play centre).


Elizabeth met her friend Ben

the red squirrel in Zoom.

Then Ben said ask your Mum

can we have a play date

Elizabeth’s Mum said ‘Yes’.

‘Yippee,’ said Ben.

Emily started to cry.

They went home to feed Emily her bottle.

It was nap time for Emily.

When Emilly had her nap,

Eliza and Elizabeth did their homework.

Elisa had a project to do for college.

Well done Lauren. Keep up the good work.

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