Green Schools: Biodiversity: The Snow Leopard: their diet

Our school is working towards our 5th Green School Flag.

The theme for this flag is Biodiversity.

As part of this project we have adopted a Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopards are an endangered species.

Snow Leopards are top of the food chain.

Djamila the snow leopard princess
Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight

What do Snow Leopards like to eat?

Dr. Rodney Jackson is a leading expert on Snow Leopards
from the Snow Leopard Conservancy.

He said in a year a snow leopard from a National Park in India ate:

Highland wildlife park  (14)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Peter Hopper via Compfight
This is a ‘blue sheep’ also called a Bharal.

blue sheep 

(Blue sheep are wild sheep.

They are slate grey in colour.

People say they look blueish)

9 Tibetan woolly hare,

25 marmot,

(Marmots are large squirrels)

5 domestic goats

(Domestic animals are tamed by man.

Farm animals are domestic.)

1 domestic sheep

and 15 birds.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jeroen Krah via Compfight
This is a marmot.

You can read more about the Snow Leopard here: 

Snow Leopard

So what do you think would happen 

if the snow leopard became extinct 

and was no longer in this food chain?

You can see the answer to this question 

on this link  to our school’s Green Schools Blog.

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