6. Write A Book – How To Come Up With A Name for Your Publishing Company

When we do ‘Write A Book’,

part of the fun is to 

make our books look like real books.


One of the things we do is

to come up with the name

of a publishing company.


Some children get ideas for what

to call their publishing company

from what their own book is about.

Just Rome
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One child wrote about the dreams

of visiting foreign countries a girl had

when she fell off her skateboard

and bumped her head,

she called her publishing company

‘Foreigner Press’

Her other ideas were;

‘Sweet Dreams Publishing Company,

‘Big Bump Books’

or ‘Kickflick Press’  (a ‘kickflick’ is a skateboarding trick) .

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Some children like to call their company

after their own name

a favourite pet


sports team

or the place they come from.

Ladybird Books. Pirates. The Vikings.
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We can also get ideas by looking

at the books in the classroom library. 

They are published by companies like

‘Ladybird Books’



‘Red Fox’

‘Little Tiger Press’.

‘Sleeping Bear Press’

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So publishing companies can be called

after living creatures; animals and insects

and some have an adjective describing the noun

in their titles too.


So if you are stuck, an easy way to come up

with the name of your publishing company

is to answer these two questions:

1. What is your favourite animal?

2. What is your favourite colour?

So you could end up with

‘Green Giraffe Books’

‘Orange Cat Press’

‘Blue Bird Publishing Company’.

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Then you design your logo.

Keep your drawing very simple.

In real books the logo is very often

on the back page,

the spine of the book

and the title page.


If naming your company in this way

doesn’t work out for you,

the class could try this;

make a list of nouns

and then a list of adjectives.

Cut the list up.

Put the nouns in one box

and the adjectives in another

and then pull out an adjective

followed by a noun.

Minty Dave the early Years
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In this way we came up with

the following very random names:

‘Unusual Shoe Company’

‘Unhappy Mint Publishing Company’

‘Jealous Acorn Press’

‘Unfriendly Rabbit Company’

‘Giddy Buttercup Books.’

Drawing logos for these was fun.

Have you ever seen an unhappy mint

or an unfriendly rabbit?

CubeDude Bugs Bunny
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