4. Children’s Work: How we make our Write A Books look like real books.

We have fun making our Write A Books

look like real books.


We write a blurb or short summary

of our story on the back cover.


We dedicate the book to a person

or people that we care about


We write acknowledgements to people.

This means we say thank you to those

who have helped us in some way.


We fill a page with information ‘About the Author’.


We also put in a title page, just like a real book.

We put in a contents page

and give the chapters names.


Sometimes we include pop ups or lift the flaps;





or gates


A good story can often start with a mysterious letter

or an invitation. So sometimes we have included envelopes

with letters inside.


We often put a map in which our story is set

in the very centre of our book.


We enjoy adding page numbers.


At the back of the book

we add a page or two we call

‘What the critics say’.

We send our book around the room

and ask our school friends

to make a positive comment there.

We bring our finished book home

and ask our family to do the same.


You will find other ideas for making  your Write A Book

look like a real book here.


You will find some really great resources to help you

with your ‘Write A Book’ on Seomra Ranga.


2 thoughts on “4. Children’s Work: How we make our Write A Books look like real books.

  1. This all sounds wonderful. I’m so impressed; and the Queen Bee thinks you’re all fantastic. She’s looking forward to seeing some of the finished Write a Book entries.

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