2. Preparing for ‘Write A Book’ – A Checklist Of What You Could Include.

We love the Write A Book project.

We really enjoy writing stories

and drawing the pictures to go with them.

Some of the best fun is to make our own book

as close to a real book as possible.

To do this we take a good look

at a number of books in our class library.

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We write our stories,

draw the pictures

and design a cover.


But to make our books like real books

we also have fun doing the following:


We write a blurb or short summary

of our story on the back cover.

 Camellia sasanqua, a November treat
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We dedicate the book to a person

or people that we care about.

You can read more about

writing dedications here.



We write acknowledgements to the people

This means we say thank you to those

who have helped us in some way.


We fill a page with information ‘About the Author’.


We decide on a name for our ‘publishing company’

and a logo (like the real companies Puffin and Penguin)


We add a bar code and an IBSN number.


We decide on a price (not real, just pretend).

We also put in a title page, just like a real book.

We put in a content page

and give the chapters names.

 Smithsonian Institution Libraries Movable books
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Sometimes we include pop ups or lift the flaps;

doors, windows or gates perhaps.

 Envelope from Dad
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A good story can often start with a mysterious letter

or an invitation. So sometimes we have included envelopes

with letters inside.

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We often put a map in which our story is set

in the very centre of our book.

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We enjoy adding page numbers.

If we have time, we design a bookmark

and include it with our book.


At the back of the book

we add a page or two we call

What the critics say‘.

 light love
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When our book is finished

we have great fun asking

our grown ups, our family

and friends to read our book

and to write a line or two about

what they liked about our book.


You will find some really great resources to help you

with your ‘Write A Book’ on Seomra Ranga

and a more recent powerpoint from

Seomra Ranga here on designing your book.



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