1. Preparing for ‘Write A Book’; Make your book cover eye catching!

Here are the books we love to read:



Take a look at a number of your favourite books

from the class library.

Look at the ones that jump out at you from the shelf.

What is it about these books that makes you want

to pick them up in the first place?

Take a few moments to think about this…

That’s right!

1. The covers of these books

are colourful and eye catching.

2. The titles of the books are interesting.

What is a Country Pancake you may wonder

What is a Stone Mouse or a Hodgeheg?

3. You may like the sound of the

‘blurb’ or short summary on the back cover.


Designing your book cover,

deciding on a title for your book

and writing the ‘blurb’

are some of the last things you will do.

You need to have the book written first.


But do give it some thought, even now.

Plan to have a cover on your book that looks good

a title that sounds interesting

and a summary on the back

that has your reader wanting to find out more.


For those of you doing the ‘Write A Book’ project

there is an excellent selection of resources

on this link to ‘Seomra Ranga’.




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