‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow Up Activities – Responses to the Story 2

Erin’s Story:

I enjoyed going to the Kingdom of the Mountains. We were trying to rescue six children from a witch. The witch was ugly with a long nose, but otherwise I didn’t think she was very witchy. Luckily when she gave us her cake, it didn’t have any poison in it. There was two goblins by the lake. One was called Redhorn. We went to the Castle of Dreams and met Daniel. We saw Jessica in a secret tower in the forest where pompom trees grow. There was also a Giant on the hill. he asked if he could eat us. We said Yes, but the giant didn’t eat us. He gave us a stone. I really enjoyed the adventure.

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Mia said:

This was a great fun adventure. The witch was scary at times. The children were fun to find and not too easy. They were hidden very well. The City of Dragons was a part that you needed to think about. When I went to the Castle of Dreams I met Daniel. In the tower we met Esther. We went to the forest but there was a fire. We met a Giant. He asked us if we wanted to be eaten. We said yes, but he did not eat us. I really enjoyed this adventure.

Bartestree Cottage #dailyshoot
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Caoimhe’s Story:

I’m here in Granny’s Garden. I followed the raven to an old cottage. I get a funny feeling as I walk in and find Anna. She is very annoying so I am trying to find the others as fast as I can. When I get to the Giant’s hill. I was very scared when he tells me he is going to eat me. Then I went to the Dragon Farm, where we had to tame all the baby dragons. We had to feed the dragons to get Clare back. I found all the other kids and then we went back to Granny’s garden for some tea.

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Alex’s Story:

I had so much fun saving all six children. But I have to admit, it was really hard, trying not to meet the wicked witch. But when I had to, she gave me the fright of my life, with her big green nose popping out of her face, with that big, black mole on her face. Anyway, when I found the first child Anna, I think, she said that I was family, that I was related to her, and to her brothers and sister.

Fairy Tale
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Hayley wrote:

When I walked into the witch’s cottage, I heard her talking on her  iPhone 5.

‘I don’t want to eat the child’ she moaned and hung up.

She came out and offered me some cake.

I took it and left.

I rescued all the children but they were terribly annoying.

I was glad to give them back to their parents

and to have a cup of tea with Granny.

 Seljalandsfoss waterfall
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This is what Michelle had to say:

I loved the trip to the hill where the giant was

but my favourite part was

where the Giant says

‘Shall I eat you?’

but you have say yes

so you can trick him.

welcome in wonderland
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Isabella said:

As I walked into the cottage, I could sense the witch.

It wasn’t just me being a baby.

There WAS a witch and she offered me a big slice of cake.

I asked her could I have it and suprisingly she gave it to me.

I Love October
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Ciaran’s response:

That was a dreadful day. To be honest the Witch scared the living daylights out of me. I fell neck deep into the swamp and I still can’t wash out the smell. The children that I rescued were so annoying. The wood was as dreadful. I can’t tell you how many times I was ambushed by a blood thirsty bear. We set up camp. In the middle of the night the tent blew away. Man, that’s the last time I am doing that.

The Journey of Harry the Teddy Bear
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However we did enjoy playing Granny’s Garden.

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  1. I really love all of the stories.

    They were great.

    Mia’s was amazing.

    I hope they will do some more stories so that I can read them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great work=)

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