Granny’s Garden – FINAL Follow Up Activity – The Diaries



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Witch’s Diary


Fly to shops for mice and frog spawn.


Pick up kids from fire breathing class.


Cup of tea with Witches on Wednesday


Broomstick Yoga.


Take cat to vet. He fell off the broomstick.

 Enchanted Garden
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: darwin Bell via Compfight

Granny’s Diary

Monday: Gardening

Tuesday: Weed the vegetable patch.

Wednesday: Flower arranging.

Thursday: Shopping for goodies and weedkiller.

Friday: Baking in the morning

Children coming to tea.

Saboten-Con Tea Party
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Tara’s Witch seems to live a very full life 😉


Appointment at Grizzly Groomers for Fluffy. Buy more toads in Polly’s Petshop.

Meet Hetty for lunch in the Evil Kettle.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Plan the destruction of this town. Book plane tickets.

Annual Book Club Dinner.


The eggs finally hatched. Six adorable baby dragons. Pack suitcase.

Graduate Witch Meeting.


Pippa’s daughter coming for a play date. Teach her to cause havoc.

Shop for disguises.


Put my evil plan into action for destruction of town. Unleash dragons, toads

and Pippa’s daughter. Book taxi to airport.


Meet Lulu in Volutera and plan our return to the Kingdom of the Mountains.

Mordiford Loop, dragons house? #dailyshoot # herefordshire
Photo Credit: Les Haines via Compfight

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