‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow up activities: Reasons you would like to be a good witch (or wizard)

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Historias Visuales via Compfight

I would like to be a good witch (or wizard) because…


I could use my magic for good and do good spells.

I could go back in time and prevent evil

If I went back in time I could save the dinosaurs.


Everyone would like you

and would defend you.

You could make everyone like you.

No one would be scared of you.


I like to help people with every day problems

I could make the world a better place.


I could heal people with powders and spices.


I would like to save the world and endangered animals


I could change everyone that is bad

and rescue people who are in danger.


There would be no crime and no war.


Ireland would be sunny and warm.


If I forgot someone’s birthday

or forgot to get someone a present

I could solve this problem by magic.


I could apparate instead of walking

or teleport somewhere.


I could use magic to change my clothes

and to do my homework.

I could cook dinner with magic.


I could fly to school,

stop time

and have an infinity of my favourite food.


I’d make things that I want out of thin air.


Sometimes I find it hard to be good:

At school,

at home,

at Granny’s,

if someone is annoying me

or no one listens to you.

or when someone is being unfair


I think it would be a good idea

to keep my powers a secret so…

people don’t know you are a witch.

so others can’t defeat you.


People would ask you for stuff

that they really don’t need


If I kept my powers a secret

I wouldn’t be asked to change people’s lives,

which could be a risky thing to do


These ideas from Fifth Class, Room 12.



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