‘Granny’s Garden’ – Follow up activities: Reasons you would like to be a bad witch (or wizard)

Disney - Snow White's Scary Adventure - Queen Witch
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joe Penniston via Compfight

I would like to be a bad witch (or wizard) because…

I could do what I want.

I would be my own boss.

I could do things my own way


Because I could have a secret lair

with hostages and slaves


I would wear black.

I could have a black cat


I could have weird pets

I could live in unusual places.


I wouldn’t have to be nice to people.

I could zap people into whatever I want.


I could change the rules

and destroy pop music.


I could turn the world into a desert

and blow up the school.


I could stop all the fun subjects in school.

I could put a stop to homework


I could banish cheese sauce

and long queues for water slides.


I could steal Christmas,

melt snow

or  turn snow into ice.


I could practice my evil laugh:

he! he! he!


I would find it hard to be bad:

at a funeral, a wedding,

football or rugby training

on my birthday

When someone gives me a hug

or a present

or boosts my confidence.


These ideas from Fifth Class, Room 12.




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