10 thoughts on “Student Request for ‘Viking Quest’ from BBC Schools

  1. I love this game so much and my score was…….1,463!!!!!
    I know its a lot!!!
    I cant wait for Christmas
    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!…….xXx
    Merry Christmas to all,and to all a good night!!!!….xXx

  2. Hi Amy,
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    You did well in Viking Quest
    I hope you and the family had a really great Christmas.
    We did too.
    Grandad’s holly tree is looking great.
    We decorated it and it looked very cheerful and Christmassy.
    See you back in school next week.
    We will be well rested.
    With every good wish

  3. Hi Merrybeau!!
    How are you??
    I love Viking Quest!!!
    My highest score is 1,666
    (I just tried it!!)
    and I want a “Shout-out”
    to 98FM, abi.Azz and Hs. Hughes!

  4. Thank you Amy,
    I always love your comments.
    They are always so positive
    and so lively, full of your

    Have a great Easter,
    and don’t miss us too much 😉

    With every good wish,
    Merry Beau

  5. AAAAWWWWWW thank you so much!! Oh I won’t miss you TOO much!!! I hope you have a great Easter too!! I sometimes see your son come out of St.Davids when I collect my sister!! (He is REALLY TALL) What year is he in?? My sister is in 3rd year). Her favourite film is ‘The Walking Dead’. Ok gotta go. BYE BYE!!! Amy

  6. Thanks Amy,

    Hope all is going well with your holiday. Pity the weather isn’t better.
    My son is going into fifth year in September.

    What is your favourite film?

    Don’t eat too much chocolate and I will see you when we get back.

    With every good wish,

    Merry Beau

  7. My favourite film is ‘The Flash’
    well it is a series!!
    It is great. Its only on its first season!!
    What is your favourite film??
    What is your favourite book???
    I wont eat too much chocolate I got mini eggs!!!

    Bye Bye Amy…

  8. Hi Amy,
    I am delighted to hear you won’t over do it on the chocolate.
    Mini eggs are a great invention.
    When I was your age I loved Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.
    My aunt and uncle gave it to me as a present.
    I enjoy films that I have watched when my children were little like ‘Babe’ and ‘Harry Potter’.
    They bring back happy memories of how exciting they found them.
    ‘George and the Jungle’ was another favourite.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    This time next week we will all be in school looking forward to little break.
    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

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