Student Request: ‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box’

We enjoyed this charming eight minute short film today

about the fun a young boy has

playing with a cardboard box.

‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Photo Credit: sⓘndy° via Compfight

Afterwards we talked about

how many ways the hero of this story used the box.

We used clues in the story to guess in what country

this film was made.


We also touched on the theme of loss

and how happy memories can help us

when we remember people

and pets that we have lost.

2 thoughts on “Student Request: ‘Adventures of a Cardboard Box’

  1. You are SO funny Tommy 😀
    Thanks for commenting.
    I’m glad you are sympathetic to this poor boy.
    Another class I showed it to laughed … a lot!

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