‘Pest Control’&Other Stories by Cillian F

My mouse isn't working right  ;((
Photo Credit: Nina Matthews via Compfight

Did anyone tell you that a mouse

came into the classroom two months ago?

When it came in everyone freaked out.

In the end, we left the room.

Luckily, Room Ten was off on a hike,

so we borrowed their room.

And a week ago I saw a pest control van in the grounds.

There haven’t been any mice seen since.


23rd January 2013


Cartoon by Cillian:

Cillian is currently learning about fractions in school.

He drew a cartoon from which you can probably guess

what he thinks about them! 


Cillian's Cartoon!.

4 thoughts on “‘Pest Control’&Other Stories by Cillian F

  1. Well thank goodness it never happened before Rebecca … or since.
    I think work on the new building may have disturbed its home
    and so it came looking for a new one.
    Mind you, it was a field mouse.
    So he was a bit mixed up 🙂
    or else a bit of an adventurer.
    Thanks for commenting.
    Good to hear from my old 😉 friends.

  2. Katie, you won’t believe this, but they all climbed up on their chairs.
    That POOR mouse must have been terrified.

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