#eddies13 ‘Great minds think alike’. Great nominations for Edublog Awards.

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Looking through the finalists for  The Edublog Awards

I was very happy to see that ‘Great minds think alike’.

There were very many familiar faces.

I was glad to see that quite a number of the blogs I’d nominated

had gone through to the voting stages.

So take a bow  

Sub Stories

St. Peter’s Primary Bray Blog

Seomra Ranga

and EdBlogsIE

There are lots of #irisheddies2013 this year.


From further afield I was delighted to see nominations for

 @NZWaikato‘s  class 

Room 5 @ Melville Intermediate School 

from Hamilton, New Zealand.


I was also very pleased to see both Mackenzie’s !ROAR! 

and Annabel’s ‘Dance to this Blog’ 

as I could not choose between them.

The teacher who taught them to blog,

Sue Wyatt is also nominated for the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’

She also co-ordinates the biannual Student Blogging Challenge.

I was also glad to see William Chamberlain’s  #comments4kids 

has reached the voting stage as has Rob Smith’s wonderful  

The Literacy Shed and Twitter 


Though I was sorry How I Learn didn’t figure,

there was a certain serendipity to see her nomination

of Fionn Hamill’s ‘Autistic and Proud’ do so well.

Though MargD Teaching Posters didn’t go through,

do take a look at her Aladdin’s Cave for the Primary Teacher.  

It is full of teaching ideas, resources and methodologies

and is motivating and inspiring.


Finally, having come so far ourselves

we would really appreciate your vote.

Just click on the arrow

on the left hand side of the link below.

Thanks a million.

See full list on Listly

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