Fourth Class: Learning about idioms: A Letter Home (Visitor to Ireland confused by idioms!)

Photo Credit: jenny downing via Compfight

Dear Mum,


Though the family I am staying with are very kind,

I am finding it very strange here in Ireland.

When I arrived they told me not to 

let the cat out of the bag but that 

there would be a surprise party

for their Grandmother.

But they didn’t HAVE a cat.

Perhaps it didn’t like being in a bag

and had run away. 


Then they said that Mum had already

spilled the beans

and that Granny was all ears.

She sound like an alien to me.

Then I counted and Granny

only had two ears, like you and me.


Then Dad gave Mum a ring to say that

he would be late because

he was tied up in traffic.

I asked would I call the Police

but they said it was ok,

that the traffic was very heavy

because it was raining cats and dogs.


This is a crazy country

but it is fun. There is never a dull moment!

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