6 thoughts on “Episode Two: A Day in St.Brigid’s School with Flat Stanley, a visitor all the way from Frost Elementary in Texas.

  1. I loved watching this slideshow. To think the flat Stanley came all the way from Texas. What a great bit of fun for your students and a neat collaboration. On that note thank you so much for the collaboration during the course of the year that we’ve had. Our students have loved visiting your site and seeing your students fantastic work. We’ve also appreciated the wonderful, wonderful comments that you’ve left for us, it has been very special.

    New Zealand has only two weeks of school left, then we are finished for the year (its our Summer break coming up).

    Our class page is also going to close as our teacher, Mr Webb, is leaving our school to move to another part of New Zealand, he’s going to be in touch from his new school next year.

    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  2. To Mr Webb and Room Five, New Zealand.

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. We are very grateful to MsJones and 2nd Grade, Jack Frost Elementary for sending us Flat Stanley. It was certainly a very enjoyable collaboration.

    Thank you too for your collaboration. As you know having a blog can be like having a big house and no visitors 🙂 You were one of our first visitors and your invitation to collaborate really got us started and gave us the confidence to visit other classes all around the world. Many of our loveliest visitors seemed to have come to us via the Room Five, Melville Intermediate blog.

    We learned a lot from your blog about the people, the culture and traditions of New Zealand. Teacher was very interested to see how the curriculum and methods is different in New Zealand. It seems that the curriculum is inquiry based with excellent attention to practical life skills.

    That your class page is going to close is certainly the end of an era. But don’t they say ‘as one door closes. another one opens’. We wish you all every success in the future. Mr. Webb, we look forward to hearing from you again when you find your feet in your new school.

    With every good wish

  3. Thank you for your wonderful words and yes a new door is about to open for me in the country, part of New Zealand called ‘Taranaki’ and would love to open to door to my new school, next year in February.

    You have an unbelievably wonderful blog and I have been thrilled with its development. One thing I have found is the wonderful body of work that you have created will stay in operation for as long as possible and that will build an auidence for the future, so people will continue to visit it for years to come.

  4. Thanks very much for your comment.

    That is a very interesting thought about how the children’s work will be revisited over time. As a class teacher I find the blog is like a very organised cupboard I can revisit to show my new classes examples of other children’s work.

    Once again Good Luck in Taranaki. Melville’s loss is Taranaki’s gain.

    With every good wish

  5. Thank you so much for the super cute video!! Now that we are back from Thanksgiving break, I cannot wait to show my scholars. They are going to be so jealous y’all are about to start your break. We have 14 more school days until we go on Christmas break.

    We hope to keep in touch with you wherever you new classroom takes you!

  6. Thank you Ms Jonesy and Frost Elementary.

    We had fun making the Flat Stanley slideshow. Thank you for sending him to us. We see from our Twitter feed that you are a very busy group. We will drop in again 🙂 and certainly will keep in touch.

    We are planning to send you one more Flat Stanley slideshow. Perhaps during the week before the Christmas holidays, when things get really interesting around here 🙂

    With every good wish

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