Learning with Dinosaurs – 1st/2nd Class – Reading, Maths & SESE – Educational Websites

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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Katherine Kirkland via Compfight

For Dinosaur fans there are lots of websites

on which you can practice your reading and maths.

Here are just a few:



Dinosaur Eggs with High Frequency Words from ICT Games.com

Tell A T Rex from ICT Games.com

Dinosaur Words from ICT Games.com



Dinosaur Dentist from ICT Games.com 

– Practice adding doubles and near doubles

Dinosaur Place Value from ICT Games.com



Build a Dinosaur – Real or Imaginary – from Scholastic.com

Dinosaur Facts – Real or Makebelieve – from Scholastic.com

All about Dinosaurs from Kids Dinos.com

A Variety of Dinosaur Games from Sheppard Software.com 

-including memory games.

More Games from ‘Dinosphere’ from Children’s Museum.org

and www.kids dinosaurs.com


Remember to supervise your child online.

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