Children’s Writing: ‘The Further Adventures of Scarlet’ by Nicole

On the 18th June Nicole started writing a story.

You can read it HERE.

The main character in her story was called Scarlet.

Over the Summer, Nicole wrote a further instalment

and here it is ….

Pullip doll in scarlet satin dress with black lace and ribbon
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Scarlet went back home.

Then when she said good night, she fell fast asleep.

The book was on her head trying to tell her something.

She had a dream about The Spirits.

She woke up and saw the book.

She saw something about The Spirits.

It said ‘Three kids have been taken by The Spirits and…

YOU are …



Scarlet closed the book

but her hand got stuck

then she got sucked in the book.

Fire was there.

Pages were flying everywhere.

It was magic.


Scarlet was able to grab a branch.

Then she climbed up the branch,

and there was was a little door.

She went through the door and …

Blue - Blue
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Oh wait there were two doors.

They both said:

‘Pick me! Pick me!’

Aaaah! said Scarlet.

She nearly had a heart attack.


But which one should I pick?

‘Wait’ she said to the doors.

‘Where will I go?’

 The first door said


Oh, The Things You Say On a Winter’s Day
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Door Number Two whispered…

‘Come closer …

Pass through me

and you will find The Spirits’.

‘Ok,’ said Scarlet.

‘I pick Door Number Two’.

 Beauty AND Madness
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She opened the door

and she was not at home.

She was ONE step closer

to finding The Spirits.


‘YES finally I can find The Spirits

and make this thing stop for once

and for all’.


‘Now where should I go? ‘

Right, I think’.


Off she went.

‘Oh no, a river.

How can I get across?

Autumn color
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Then a Spirit passed her way.

‘Come with me,’ he demanded.

‘No,’ said Scarlet.

‘I insist’, said The Spirit.


‘Ok fine.

I will come with you’.

The Spirit took her to a dark and gloomy place.

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‘Give me your soul,’ The Spirit said.

‘Never. I won’t,’ said Scarlet

‘Why do you want it?’

 Hanging Acer Leaves
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‘So I can be alive’, The Spirit replied

Sweet Angel
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Then out of nowhere a girl came.

‘Here is MY soul’, she said.


‘No don’t do it,’ cried out Scarlet

but it was too late, The Spirit

took her spirit and the little girl

fell to the ground.

notre dame de soleil
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‘You are so mean,’ said Scarlet.

‘I am sorry,’ said The Spirit.

I do not control myself.

My oldest brother does.


‘Wait said Scarlet.

You must be that kid…

who got lost’.

‘Yes I am’, replied The Spirit.


‘I’m not sure if I believe you’.

‘Well I am not lying.’

‘What……..? I can’t hear you……’ answered Scarlet.

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Then Scarlet fell out of that dark place

and landed in the river.


Meanwhile back in the dark cave …

little did Scarlet know

but the little  girl was

The Spirit’s middle child.

‘Good work Sis,’ said The Spirit.

‘Thank you Bro, answered the girl.

Sweet Angel
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‘Wait, we have not got her soul yet.

It is our job to get kids’ souls.

It has been our job for the last thousand years’…

To be continued.

Misty Mystic Sunset at the Bay ~ stitched image 4 shots
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The other students in 2nd Class Room 6

found Nicole’s heroine very inspiring.

More stories that they wrote about her

can be found HERE and HERE

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