Children’s Work: ‘When I grow up I would like to be a paleontologist’ by Jack


I had a great day on Thursday.

I got to pretend I was a paleontologist.

I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up.

I started with what looked like a lump of rock.


It was an unusual rock because it was shaped

like the head of a dinosaur.

Teacher thought it might be a T Rex,

but I said I thought it was a Brachiosaurus

because it had a shorter head.


I had a small hammer, a chisel and a paintbrush.

I used the hammer to break up the rock.

I used the chisel to chisel it.


With the paintbrush I could brush the broken rock

and dust away. It was hard work, but after a while

I could see there was something hidden in the rock.

After a little more work I could see it was a dinosaur.

After a bit more work, I found a whole diplodocus.



Afterwards I washed my hands and the dinosaur.

I was very excited to find that

this toy dinosaur glows in the dark. 


I brought it home to meet my other dinosaurs.

I brought the tools home too.

You never know when I will need them again.

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