Children’s Work: Asking Questions. ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy is like a ladder’.

Hannah, Sara and Alex from Sixth Class

are learning about asking questions.

We have seen that there are easy questions

like ‘who?’ ‘when?’ ‘where’?


We have to remember what we have read or heard

in order to answer these questions.


Then there are harder questions like

‘how?’ and ‘why?’


To be able to answer there we have to

understand what we have read or heard.


Then there are even more difficult questions

like when we are asked to explain or to compare.


The questions we ask are like a ladder,

starting off with the easy ones at the bottom,

they get harder as we move up the ladder.


We get asked a lot of questions in school.

but what we really love to do is ask them.


Here are some questions we asked today

about the projects we did in class on

the Solar System.


These are easy questions,

from the bottom of the ladder.


To answer them all we need to do 

is to remember what we learned

when we were doing this project.





If you would like to learn more about teaching children

about Bloom’s Taxonomy, click on this link.

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