Seomra Ranga’s ‘Signs of Autumn’ Twitter Project #an fomhar

Following on from the fun we had doing the

Signs of Spring Twitter Project 2013

we are taking part in Seomra Ranga’s Twitter project

about the Signs of Autumn this week.


We are tweeting photos and comments

about signs of Autumn that we see #anfomhar.

You can see more details about this project

on this link to Seomra

The photos we took exceeded the 3MB limit on Twitter

so we could not load them.

So we put them all on this Photopeach slideshow.

#anfomhar Signs of Autumn – The Nature & Art Mix on PhotoPeach

They are a mixture of the nature we saw

and the Autumn art that is being done in the school.


Here are some Autumn Jokes!

Here is an Autumn Song. 

Here is an Autumn Poem.


We enjoyed the Twitter project and we love talking to other classes on Twitter.

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