Preparation for 1st Confession & Communion Ceremonies: Practical tips that 1st time teachers might find useful. Part Three

inside confessional
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Please note: This post is about preparing for the ceremonies

of First Confession and Communion

as opposed to faith formation and learning during the year.


I notice a significant numbers of visitors to this blog

are looking for information about preparation

for these ceremonies, hence this post.


Though the children will make their confession

on the altar, as part of their preparation,

I show the children the confession box

and explain that their grandparents

and perhaps parents made

their first confession in the confession box.

Teacher certainly did.


I sit in the priest’s compartment

and one by one they come into the side compartment.

It’s dark, they shut the door and it is an adventure for them.


I tell them about the anecdote in Frank O’ Connor’s

short story ‘My First Confession’ where the young hero

tries to kneel up on the arm rest!

Candles of Prayer
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We’ll also light candles another day.

The children really enjoy those two activities.


Then leaving nothing to chance,

I acquire that new year’s leaflet

in advance of the ceremony

and customize a copy for the priest,

writing in the names of the children

that he can call them up for their readings or prayer.


I used type out the prayers/readings

for each child and laminate them.

Now I prefer to have one laminated A3 sheet

with all readings/prayers/songs

on the lectern and we use this in every

practice. On the day the children are used

to using it.

Taking no chances I have a duplicate of this

in case it gets mislaid.


Art – Name Plates 

Each child decorates a card with their name,

which goes on the seat that they are assigned to.


I code the back of these: writing on the R for right

and L for left i.e. to the right of the aisle/to the left

and the number seat the child is in.


Otherwise I am constantly check the ‘master list’

to check where I should be putting the cards,

and mistakes can be made.


I collect up these name plates after the First Confession

and use them again for First Communion.

Lumen Christi
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Wall Hangings

We do two wall hangings for either side of the church

with all children having a part to play in their composition.

This saves having to hang forty or so pictures

separately in the church. This work is integrated with

art. Making them can be time consuming.


Of course after all that practicing it can happen

that the children are so excited on the morning

that all the preparation goes out the window.

That is when I am particularly thankful that

we have the support of the older children in the choir.

Let Jesus Fix it For You
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