‘Let me tell you what I know about dinosaurs’ by Jurassic Jack

I can’t tell you

all I know about dinosaurs

because it would take hours.


The T Rex was the

King of the Cretaceous Period

The T Rex fed on little Gallimimus.

They were plant eaters.


The Galliminus was a dinosaur

that could run very fast.

But not fast enough.

The T Rex would eat them.

They were the size of the table.

Imagine eating something as big as the table!


The Ankylosaurus was a plant eater.

It used the club at the end of his tail

to protect himself.

It used to swish his tail

from side to side

and paralyse his attacker.


A Triceretops is called that

because ‘tri’ means three

and a Triceretops has

three horns on his head.


Velociraptor was a small meat eating dinosaur

with sharp claws on his back legs.


I can’t choose which one I like best,

because I like them all.


The photographs with this post were taken by Jack 🙂

One thought on “‘Let me tell you what I know about dinosaurs’ by Jurassic Jack

  1. Dear Jack,

    Grandpa Tony has been showing me all your work on your school web site. What super writing! You really do know a lot about dinosaurs.

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon and to looking at your museum again.

    Love to you and Lucy

    Grandma Lesley

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