5 thoughts on “‘I want to make my sister famous’ by Jack aged six

  1. Dear Jack
    Your sister Lucy is famous because you wrote about her on this blog. Your sister is very lucky to have a kind brother like you who writes nice things about her.

  2. Hi I really miss you. How is it being a sub teacher? I wish I could see you again. Are you still putting stuff on the blog? I’m reading ‘Angel of Nitshill Road now, Regards Amy Xxxxxxx

  3. Amy, that is a really sweet message. Thank you. I am still putting posts on the blog. Thank you for all the help you gave me with the blog last year. You wrote some really good posts for me. You were also super at writing comments.

    I know you will enjoy ‘The Angel of Nitshill Road’. When I imagine Celeste in the story, I think she must look exactly like you. I’m sure you would be great at sorting out problems like Celeste and you would be kind and helpful to other children like she was.

    Thanks for commenting and call again soon. It was a lovely surprise.

  4. Hi Jack,

    What a lovely piece of writing! I like the way you suggested a way for her to become famous based on her talents. Lucy is lucky to have a brother like you!

    Ms Sexton (St Peter’s, Bray – 5th class)

  5. Thank you very much Ms Sexton for your lovely comment.
    Jack will be excited and delighted to see it 🙂
    With every good wish

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