Green Schools; Biodiversity; Pollination; Useful Links

Photo Credit: Antonio Picascia via Compfight

We are working towards our fifth Green Flag.

We are learning about Biodiversity.

As part of this we are learning about

the importance of bees

and pollination.


If you would like to learn about this too,

here are some useful links:


1. A short introduction from ‘Pollination Canada’

Pollination for Kids and Teachers


2. Colourful and eye catching explanations

of pollination and pollinators from

Kids Growing


3. A more detailed account is to be found

on the US Forestry site:

Our Future Flies on the Wings of Pollinators.


Vermont Wildflowers
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marty Desilets via Compfight 

Here are two videos on Vimeo:

This first one is from Oxford University Press.

An animation by Mark Ruffle, it is

less than a minute long,

and is about bee pollination:

Pollination: Science Animation


This second video is less just over seven minutes long.

Introduced by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg

the real life film footage begins after three minutes.

Though inspired by the vanishing of the honeybee,

the high speed camera work also features pollinators

such as the hummingbird, butterflies and bats.

‘The Hidden Beauty of Pollination’.


And finally, some food for thought

from the TTA Science Department:


Pollination 3

Click HERE for a closer look 😉

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