Anti Bullying – Bibliotherapy – ‘The Angel Of Nitshill Road’ by Anne Fine

Children need a great variety of experience for basic psychological growth.

By reading books children can vicariously increase their range of experiences.

It is in this context that we use the term ‘bibliotherapy’.

Since children identify strongly with storybook characters,

teachers can positively influence children’s self image

by careful book selection.

(from Craig and Michele Borba’s

‘Self Esteem: A Classroom Affair’ (1978)

Winston Press). 


For example in Anne Fine’s book

‘The Angel of Nitshill Road’

a new girl teaches her new classmates

how to stand up to the class bully.

This book tells the story of three students

who are being targeted by another.

Appropriate and inappropriate strategies are considered.

Happily the problem is resolved.


Reading this book could help a child

consider the problem of bullying at a safe ‘remove’. 


Books can be very valuable in helping children

begin to understand problems and fears.

They can enable children to express themselves

and provide the reassurance of knowing that they are not alone,

as well as supplying suggestions for ways of resolving problems.


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