Children’s Writing: ‘I have my own museum’ by Jurassic Jack aged six

I have a museum.

I started it when I was five.

It is in a really big cardboard box.

It is in the back room of my house.

span of time
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro via Compfight

I have got an ammonite

and fossilized worms

and the skeleton of a mouse that I once found. 


black buck
Photo Credit: { pranav } via Compfight


I went to the National History Museum.

I saw a giant antelope.

I wonder if anacondas can swallow antelopes.


Snake boy in Cambodia
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: John Einar Sandvand via Compfight

I have a zoo in my garden.

I have a Burmese python

and a three red grass snakes

and a milk snake.

It is going to be a reptile zoo.


When I go to England

I am going to catch a red grass snake

to add to my collection.


2 thoughts on “Children’s Writing: ‘I have my own museum’ by Jurassic Jack aged six

  1. Dear Jack,

    I liked reading your story.

    I love the idea of a kid’s museum.

    I found a trilobite fossil on Bray Beach

    when I was watching the Air Show

    in the Summer.

    My Dad put it in a picture frame

    and it is hanging on the wall

    in our house.

    Keep up the good writing,

    DJ 🙂

  2. Jack, I was so happy to read about your museum and all the interesting things in it. Looking forward to seeing you, and the museum, when we come to see you in October

    Grandpa Tony

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