Good Practice & Blogging Etiquette: Observing Copyright

We had learned about the importance of observing copyright from

The Edublogger: Guide to Copyright Fair Use and Creative Commons


We read a very interesting story about

an eleven year old boy who got into bother

when he used a photograph

of a slice of salami  in his ‘student blog’

without giving credit to the photographer.

Click on this link to read it 


We are always very careful about

using images on this blog 

and observing copyright.


Recently we have seen original work  

from ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’

on other school and classroom blogs.

That would be fine 🙂 by us

but it has been reposted and presented as if

it is the original work of that other class or school.

This has been particularly true of posts like

The Importance of Learning Tables 

much of which was originally written as a special

‘The Importance of Tables Newsletter’

that went home to each family in our school in 2011.

We LOVE to share.

You are VERY welcome to use

ANY of the original material here

in class or in letters going home to parents.

However we would really appreciate it

if  you wanted to use any original material

on your own school or class blog

that you would attribute it to

‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’. 

sharing with an elephant illustration
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig via Compfight

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