The Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge

Participating in the the bi annual 

Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge 

is a very good opportunity

for individual students and classes who blog, 

to learn new blogging skills, 

to develop their blog

and make contact with students and schools 

all over the globe.


It is conducted over ten weeks

in September and March of each year. 

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions 

about the ‘Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge’.


Our own experience was

that as a result of participating last March,

we made contact with many schools

from all over USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Here is the work that was posted globally during the last challenge

Student Blogging Challenge – March 2013 – on

In this compilation, you can see the contributions from

2nd Class, Room 6 and ‘If Only the Best Birds Sang’.


We found we really ‘took off’ as a result of participating

in the ‘Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge’


Bent wings...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pam Corey via Compfight

2 thoughts on “The Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Hello my name is Hannah and I am 12 years old and I live in New Zealand, I have really enjoyed looking at your blog because everything is so well laid out and it is very inviting-awesome job. I think it is really cool that I can look at your schools/classes blog even though you’re on the other side of the world.

    I thought I would let you know that my class is participating in the student bloggers challenge so my class and I will be doing the three activities provided by edublogs. I think it would be super awesome if you could visit our blog and share it with other edublogs websites because we are aiming for 1000 before the end of term 3 (about 2 weeks).

    Hope to see you there!

    -Thanks a lot,

    Here is the link to our class blog…

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for visiting us on ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’ and well done on leaving such an well written comment. The compliments you played were well thought out too. We enjoy the thought that we are connecting with schools on the other side of the globe too.

    Participating in the Student Edublogs Challenge is a great idea. We found it very interesting last year and we found that it improved our blogging skills a lot.

    It is good to have a target of 1000 visitors. We would love to help. We will put the link to your blog on our side bar and we will let our twitter friends know about you also.

    With every good wish

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