Every Day Counts – The Importance of Good Attendance

Good attendance is very important.

It is important for learning.


Good attendance is also a factor in a child’s social development in class.

A child who is in school regularly will find it easier

to make friends and sustain friendships.


They will also know the teacher and settle in better.


The National Educational Welfare Bureau

asks schools to submit the names of any child

who misses 20 days or more.


However the other nineteen days shouldn’t be seen as leeway.

We understand that sometimes children are unwell

and have to stay home to recover.


However if a child was to miss 20 days in a year,

they miss 80 in their primary school career.


On average children attend school five days a week and twenty days a month.

So missing 80 days of school is the equivalent of missing four months of school.


Even missing 10 days a year would be the same as missing eight weeks of school:

the same length of time as the summer holidays here in Ireland.


Taking even a week off school in June each year to go on holidays

takes one month off the number of days a child comes to school in their school career.


We can learn a great deal in a month 🙂


Photo Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Compfight

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